Core Values

The very heart of the Orchard Bible Church is the desire to build lives that are deeply rooted and founded on the living Word of God. Everything we do stems from the premise that the solutions to all of the problems we face in Life are rooted in discovering, nurturing, and propagating a lifestyle of engagement with God through Jesus Christ.

We value the PURSUIT OF GOD.

  • We are hungry to know God’s presence, hear His voice and follow hard after Him.


  • We seek to be actively responsive to the Holy Spirit’s daily leading of our personal lives and ministries and of the local church. We view the Great Commission as an eternal challenge, as a mandate for each of us to “Repair the World” and share the light of God with the lost and hurting.

We value PRAYER.

  • We believe that prayer is essential, because it is our primary means of communion with God.

We value PRAISE and WORSHIP.

  • As Christians, we must learn to lift up our voice to God in both victory and heartache simply because He is worthy of all our worship and praise. We believe that “Praise and worship are the most worthwhile thing that we could ever give our lives to, in earth and in heaven. All through the Word of God, when you see the Throne Room of God, praise and worship are those endeavors of such importance that they occupy eternity.

We value the WORD OF GOD.

  • Our intent is to teach all believers to believe the Word of God and live out its eternal and infallible truths. We believe that the Word of God is eternal, powerful and relevant to every aspect of our lives. We have no desire to be politically correct or water down the Gospel in order to appear culturally relevant. We are passionate about the Word of God and refuse to sacrifice the integrity of the Bible, in exchange for inspirational thoughts, eloquent rhetoric or political viewpoints.


  • We aim to have the supernatural working of the Holy Spirit as seen in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and the early church operating in our lives. We want to see, experience, and be used by God to heal the broken and work wonders in our generation.

We value PEOPLE.

  • We are honored by every person whom God adds to The Orchard. We aim to work together to build the Church through maintaining mutual respect, open communication, determined cooperation and believing and speaking the best about each other.