The key to a powerful prayer life!

Over the years I have learned that prayer is one of those topics that receive the least amount of teaching and as a result many people do not know how to get real, tangible results when they pray.  Most Christians are weighed down by a lot of religious garbage that has been put on them by well meaning but powerless quote-unquote-mentors in Christ.

Prayer is never meant to be something that is a burden. Neither is it meant to be used as a medal of holiness. Plain and simple, prayer is meant to be a conversation with God that brings the Word of God alive in a Christian’s life.

The problem often lies with the well meaning misguidance that has been dumped into our Spirits concerning the will of God for our lives. I need you to see this with spiritual eyes — There are only 2 places that we can find the will of God for our lives… 

1. The Bible

2. His Presence

The key to successful prayer is Scriptural Prayer – lining ourselves up with God’s promises is the most powerful and effective thing that we can ever do in relation to our prayer life.  God hears and answers prayers that are lined up with His Word.

Let me show you something from one of the most misunderstood but most used passages in all of the New Testament.

After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread… — Matt 6:9-11

The Lord’s Prayer was never meant to become a religious anecdote or a catch all prayer to be repeated verse by verse while we kneel by our bedside each night. The Lord’s Prayer actually reveals the essential principles of a dynamic and successful prayer life. 

Principle #1
A successful prayer life always begins with praise and thanksgiving. (Matthew 6:9) 

Principle #2
The Kingdom of God is the power of God and it only comes into our life as we line ourselves up with the Word (Will) of God. (Matthew 6:10) 

Principle #3
You have to expect God to move in your life daily with a confidence that God will provide everything that you will need to meet the challenges, the needs, and the requirements of each day. (Matthew 6:11) 

Here is the secret the Jesus was trying to teach His disciples concerning a powerful prayer life.  — Are you ready, because the answer is really deep and complex?

The answer is: Keep it simple.

A powerful prayer life hinges entirely on you connecting your life to the promises of God and then simply saying what He has already said in His Word— that my friend is what I mean when I use the term Scriptural Prayer.  

When we pray the Word of God (the promises of God) over our lives we can stand with absolute assurance that we are praying 100% in line with the perfect will of God.

Moreover, the Bible covers every problem that you will face in this lifetime; it deals with grief, despair, fear, uncertainty, hopelessness, our relationships, our finances, condemnation, addiction, forgiveness, confusion – the list just goes on and on.

When you connect yourself to the promises of God you are literally connecting your life to the very atmosphere of heaven and to the creative power of God.

Scriptural Prayer is Effective Prayer! 

A word of caution though – over my years in ministry I have seen many people cancel out their prayers, even after praying in perfect line with the Word of God. They pray and then immediately look to see if there is any change to their circumstances, then become discouraged and give up — saying “I guess God didn’t answer my prayers”— Just because your circumstances haven’t immediately changed shouldn’t hinder your faith in the Word of God or in the Power of Prayer. When you pray the Word of God you can be confident knowing that God has heard and answered your prayers. So pray knowing that God loves you, and that He is in the business of responding to faith in His Word.