A few thoughts about habits

This blog has absolutely nothing to do with eating habits or how much ketchup you like on a hamburger, but I do want to talk about habits and the power that they have to change any aspect of your life. Did you know that HABIT is actually a gift from God? Listen to me closely though – not all habits are from God, but the ability to create “HABITS” is from God. HABIT is something that God put inside of you to help you succeed and be victorious in every area of your life…

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live..” — Deut 30:19

Habit Fact #1

A habit simply means that anything you do over and over again becomes easier. Now this truth can be applied to bring about blessing or destruction, the choice is yours.

The first principle here is: Whatever you do intentionally or unintentionally, again and again, will form HABITS in your life.

The second principle here is: God has given us the ability to choose between life and death, blessing and cursing and make these choices HABIT!

Habit Fact #2

HABITS are typically stronger than desires.

How many people have you known in life who are bound by something – it could be pornography, overeating, fear, drug addiction, despair, alcohol, destructive relationships – the list could go on endlessly but I think you get the point. All you have to do is look into the eyes of someone who is bound to one of these HABITS and you will see that they do not want to be bound, but their HABIT, has taken over their life and is now controlling their actions.

Habit Fact #3

Everything that you are doing today is becoming a HABIT…

To understand this all you have to do is:

Look at your dirty clothes. — Where did you put them?

Look at your bed. — Did you make it or leave it messed up?

Do you eat breakfast first thing or do you shower?

When you are stressed what do you do?

When you are angry what do you do?

The likelihood is that you do the same things every day and have been doing it that way for quite a while – some of them for as long as you can remember.

Habit Fact #4

I am sure that we have all heard the expression “Practice makes perfect” but the truth is, that statement is only true in certain circumstances. Practice does not make perfect – it make permanent.

In other words, whatever you do again and again in your life will become something that you do automatically – most often without even thinking about it.

For example: A baseball player could go to the batting cage everyday and practice hitting, but if he does not practice hitting correctly then those bad habits or errors in his swing will become automatic every time he gets up to bat in a game. However, if he makes the corrections in his swing no matter how hard they may seem at the time – in time he will see his batting average go up because he will automatically begin to do the correct things.

The first principle here is:  It is no different for us as Christians. You can change anything about your life by applying the Word of God – but it may take time, focus and purposeful effort on your part. The good news is that eventually God’s way of doing things will become automatic in your life, and in turn, walking in the blessing of God will become something automatic as well.

The second principle here is: Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the true definition of ignorance.

Don’t gloss over this principle because it is more important than you think. Many times it seems that the easy road in our lives is is the road of ignorance. I call it Gone With The Wind syndrome — you know “I will think about that tomorrow”.

If you missed the reference I encourage you to get on Netflix and watch the movie Gone With The Wind not only will you have a great evening, you will also have an “Ah Ha” moment!

Habit Fact #5

The purpose of discipline is to create habits in our lives. Don’t shut me off here. We are saved by grace, but God expects us as Christians to have discipline in our lives. In fact, Christian discipline is imperative if you want to experience the full blessing and favor of God in your daily life.

According to science it takes between 21 and 30 days to create a HABIT. In other words, you have to do something for 30 days straight to create a habit.

This is amazing, because God knowing that constant focus and discipline is difficult to maintain, wired each of us to be able to reset our lives in a month. If you will truly apply yourself to something for 30 days straight you will birth a HABIT and then that HABIT will take over.

This applies to eating and working out — in the same way it applies to your prayer life or reading your Bible. By applying these principles you can have a better marriage, become more productive, learn something new, get in shape, and have a deeper relationship with God, stand in great faith, etc…

A while back, I heard a preacher say this “Nothing would bring me more comfort than to think everything that happens was planned by God. However, this philosophy removes the burden of decision-making from our lives. The fact remains YOUR DECISIONS are deciding your future and the quality of your life.”

According to Joshua 24:15 God has given each of us the responsibility of choosing the course of our lives — That means that HABITS are actually vehicles of blessing or destruction that were chosen by us.