104 people in the last 60 seconds

I was amazed the other day when I read that less than 2% of all Christians actually share their faith with the world around them.

As I read that statistic, I began to wonder how a person could simply choose to ignore the Great Commission or somehow come to the conclusion that it does not apply to them…

Jesus has called everyone who is saved to take the gospel and His goodness to the world around them. I believe that one of the great problems is that the “politically correct” movement has been imposed on Christians by the liberal media. Their goal is nothing sort of satanic and their agenda is to board the church up in their four walls of a building and make them feel guilty or that they have somehow done something wrong if they share their faith…

Did you know that every day 150,000 people die and pass into eternity? That means that 6,250 people pass into eternity each hour of the day…and 104 people pass into eternity every minute…

Since you began reading this blog about 100 people have died and those who leave this earth without knowing Jesus Christ as their savior will spend eternity in hell. As Christians refusing to share our faith is a lot like a person standing outside of a building that is full of people and is on fire — then just turning their back and walking away as if nothing were wrong.

I realize that a lot of you might be afraid of tension, ridicule, or feeling foolish if people debate with you. But none of that really matters when so many souls are at stake.

I want to challenge you today, to muster up some courage and begin living a Christian life that actually makes a difference in this world.

Here is how:

  1. Don’t back away from the message of the cross. The Apostle Paul said that he was not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ because it is the power of God for salvation. Understand that it can be difficult to confront someone about their need for a Savior and any conversation about the cross will bring conviction. But it is more loving to talk to people about it than allowing them to live their lives deceived, bound, and never knowing that God loves them.
  2. Remember that you are not flying solo. As a Christian you are never alone, the Holy Spirit has got your back and he is looking for you to give Him an opportunity to work through you.
  3. Ask God for divine appointments. A diving appointment are those opportunities where a person, seemingly out of the blue and completely randomly begins to share their hurt, pain, disappointment, heart ache, loss, need, or loneliness. The thing is that these experiences in your life are not random; they are God given opportunities to share your faith with that person and pray for them. There is nothing random in the Kingdom of God. Oh, and by the way – God rarely opens up doors of opportunity that are convenient.
  4. Stop profiling people based on their outward appearance. Don’t judge whether a person is open to the gospel by how they look or dress. If God opens a divine appointment, He expects you to take advantage of it. Most often, this is simply an excuse anyway to cover up the fact that we were scared or uncomfortable.
  5. Get over yourself. Quite frankly, all of that energy you are spending worrying about what other people are thinking about you and your faith is a waste of time. We live in a world that full of hurting, lost and searching people. And while it seems normal to keep to yourself, people everywhere are crying out for someone to actually care and acknowledge their existence.
  6. Have fun praying for people. As a Holy Spirit Filled Christian you have been given supernatural power. Trust me; it is a lot of fun to pray for a person who has never experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. Just know that the Holy Spirit responds to bold calls! He always shows up where there is faith and as I said earlier, the Holy Spirit is looking for an opportunity to use you.
  7. Your job is to share your faith and pray with people. God’s job is to reach into that other person’s heart and draw them to salvation, healing, deliverance, and freedom. So regardless of how a person responds be obedient, be full of God’s love, and be bold in your faith!

We are called to be witnesses of the goodness of God. Simply put, share your story. Stop worrying about all the questions that you can’t answer and share the truth that you know. In fact, if someone asks you a question that you don’t have an answer for just tell them that you don’t know — but what you do know is that God loves them and cares deeply about what they are going through.

Remember, an argument can never trump an experience. If someone argues with you, quickly bring the conversation back to your experience.